Friday, 28 February 2014

Chelsea Beautique Mink Lashes** Review

Whether it being strip lashes or individual lashes it is a must in every girls makeup draws! 

Wearing false eyelashes can give a dramatic effect to your eyes depending on what kind of lashes you are wanting. It can give the eye a bigger apperance and there is no need to wear mascara! Although it can be applied if you want. Strip lashes are great for special occasions or a night out and must always be taken off before you go to bed. 

You can get many different types of lashes ranging from natural-dramatic and thin/thick.

I am really loving strip lashes at the moment and I have only just really started wearing term more rather than just a one off, this is only because I could never apply them to my self! Even though I am a qualified beauty therapist and have covered strip lashes on my course haha! I could apply them to my clients but never on myself, so at one point I did give up and stopped trying but I have started to try again and I have been successful, yay, now that I can put them on I have been wanting to wear them all of the time!

Chelsea Beautique Mink Lashes £18.00 ***

Recently I was sent out a pair of the Chelsea Beautique Mink Lashes to review.

Although some lashes can look really cheap, these Chelsea lashes are not! They have a beautiful range of different types starting from nautural if you want an nice elegant look to thicker lashes to achieve that dramatic more stylish look. On their website chelseabeautique they have 20 different styles to choose from, so whatever mood you are in there will be a lash to suit you!

The Chelsea lashes are 100% authentic mink lashes, which once were only available to the celebrities for up to $5,000 now these lashes are available at Chelsea Beautique for £18.00. These lashes are softer and more flexible than regular synthetic false lashes as they are made from cruelty free Siberian Mink Hair.

"Super luxurious mink lashes that last" Yes! These lashes can be worn up to 20 times you you take proper care and look after them. They have also been handmade to the highest standards, they are hypo-allergenic and each pair are inspected and packaged.

My thoughts

Here are some photos of what the lashes looked like on. 

I tried and tested these out on such a great day, gusts of wind and rain, what a day to try these out on. I was praying they didn't blow off in the wind, but these little beauties lasted me all day since 7:30am-7:00pm as i was travelling to college, in college and the travelling home. I was surprised that these had lasted me all day and they didn't even need touching up with glue thoughout the day.

I loved the feel of these lashes when applying them and once they were on. They didn't feel heavy on my lashes and weigh my eyes down like some other lashes have done in the past. They are very lightweight and after an hour or so, I forget I have them on.

I love how natural and real these lashes look and I have received quite a few compliements from my friends and family stating how lovely they looked on and made my eyes look better with lashes on. Although I do have naturally long lashes I have never thought about wearing lashes before as i thought what's the point but up until a few months ago I realised how much they can change your eye look and i am definately going to start wearing them more now! 

I also love the packing that these lashes came in. I think that it is really good quality and I love how it is a clear hard plastic case, which you can see above. I feel that it is more easy for me to store them away after my use of them as I don't have to worry if they are going to get ruined or lost. 

The only thing I would say about this product is, I wish it came with some lash adhesive! Luckily I have a small amount left from other lashes that I have used. So bare this in mind, if you buy a pair of these Chelsea lashes, glue doesn't come with it!

Overall these lashes are perfect for me as during the day I would like a natural eye look and then if I was going to go out on a night, I would like a more fuller/dramatic look. I would definately recommend this lashes to everyone! 

What kind of lashes do you go for? Natural or dramatic?

Do you like the look of these lashes?

*The product shown were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own


  1. Lovely post! I'm a fan of individual lashes as they look natural in comparison to strip lashes. I'm hopeless at applying both on my own, haha! These sound great though, and it's good that you're able to wear them plenty of times xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

    1. They are! i would recommend them for you to try :) xx

  2. those lashes look gorgeous on, a little pricey for me though! hah

    1. thank you! i know they are a little pricey but i would say they are worth it as you get 20 uses out of them! xx

  3. Have you ever tried fiber lashes by Younique? You would LOVE them! They give you the fake lash look with a mascara application. <3

    1. Ooh really? No i haven't but i shall look into this! x